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and spent the rest of his controversial life in a coma. >> joe biden was among the four in dignitaries. >> when a close-knit country like israel, a country that has been tested as much as israel, loses a man like the prime minister, it does not just feel like a leader. it feels like a death in the family. >> tony blair was also among the dignitaries attending the memorial. the chairman joins us from the detroit auto show next. it is also the first on bloomberg. ? >> this is "lunch money." we are also streaming live. we have gotten something special for you. matt miller is on the detroit auto show with the man on mercedes, ceo of diamond and the first on bloomberg interview. >> just stick with dr. z, very difficult for most americans to announce. we are glad to have you with us. it is difficult to pronounce your last name but they are making your cars. tell us about that. click that is true. in 20 years, we are running for trucks and we are happy to with the quality and the dedication of the folks there. it is therefore a great place to have the mercedes cornerstone. >> i wonder how mu
. vice president joe biden represents the united states at the funeral. >> officials in west virginia -- investigators now investigate how that spill happened investigators say a chemical used in coal processing leaked last thursday from a freedom industries plant. 300,000 people in nine counties warned only to use water to flush toilets. today, the west virginia governor says tests water is sf now. >> the high court refused to review a case on a controversial law. this moves mean arizona cannot enforce the 2010 ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and follows a ruling last year that found restrictions were un-constitutional. 12 other states have similar laws. >> the supreme court also heard oral arguments in a case that pits white house against senate republicans at stake is the power avoid a filibuster and fill high-level pollings positions the constitution says he can do so only when the senate is in recess. a court ruled the president overstep add authority by appointing nominees to national labor relations board while the senate was in session two years ago. a ruling is e
rehberger. here is what is happening. vice president joe biden and other dignitaries spoke at a memorial service in israel for former ariel sharon who died. >>> target ceo's apologizes for the massive data breach. >>> and officials in west virginia have started lifting a tap water ban in some areas following a chemical spill. last week about 300,000 people were told not to drink the water affected by that spill. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." desperate times call for desperate measure. as we just discussed, the growing scandal facing new jersey governor chris christie has upended the republican field for president in 2016. chris christie was the only republican who was running even with hillary clinton. the presumptive democratic nominee. and as i mention, according to a new cnn/orc poll from just last month, clinton destroys the entire field otherwise whether it's marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul, or paul ryan, she beats them all. the only outlier, chris christie, who actually leads clinton by two points in that recent pole. when you consider those numbers, it's
president joe biden and british prime minister tony blair were among the world leaders at the funeral. sharon died on saturday eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. dennis rodman apologizing again after latest trip to north korea. rodman today arriving in china and once again rodman said he is sorry that he could not help free american captive kenneth bae. >> i'm not the president. i'm not an ambassador. i'm den his rodman. just individual. we can actually get along and be happy for one day. >> rodman was in north korea to play a basketball game in honor of dictator kim jong un's birthday. we told that you justin bieber is in hot water after egging his neighbor's house. now we know the damage. tmz reporting bieber's egg caused 20,000ness damage for the neighbor's home. more bad news for the beibs, he could face vandalism charges and that's tonight's speed read. hhs report showing 24% of americans who signed up between the ages of 18 and 24. senior administration official saying enough young people have enrolled to avoid insurance death spiral is that true, joining us is ron
's greatest military leaders. to sons and grandchildren, joe biden said in his passing also felt like a death in the family to many americans even though he .ad profound differences better, hestand him also lived in complex times. a very complex neighborhood. >> it was taken away to the family farm in israel. was controversial in death and in life. it made him a desirable prime minister. >> he earned a house in the city of jerusalem. have armedlers security guards. believesnt palestinian in nonviolent resistance. he said israel he should move on from the legacy. >> what israel needs is a different kind of political generation. april that understand that they themselves will not be free as israel ease unless palestinians are free. >> as a soldier, he ignored orders. they think he should have been put on trial as a war criminal. but he goes to his grave mourned by israelis that felt safer when he was [inaudible] bbc news, jerusalem. >> huge crowds occupied major streets in central bangkok. the antigovernment rallies have been going around for nearly three months now. >> a city of cars transform
's coffin on sunday ahead of his state funeral today. vice president joe biden is among the foreign dignitaries in attendance. afterariel sharon step headlines. opposition protest in thailand are intensifying in a bid to shut down the government of the embattled prime minister yingluck shinawatra. people have flooded major intersections in the capital bangkok today as part of the ongoing campaign to force 'sngluck shinawatra resignation. opponents accuse her of being controlled by her brother, former prime minister convicted of corruption and now living in self-imposed exile. a snap election has been called for next month, but the opposition has vowed a boycott. the u.s. has deployed a team of military advisers and trainers to somalia for the first time in 20 years. post" reports a u.s. contingent has operated out of the capital since october, insisting african troops in the fight against al-shabaab militants. maintained a continued presence with operations including a cia base and drone strikes. protesters rallied outside the white house on saturday to mark the 12th anniversary of
>> the man who put the survival of israel above everything else. u.s. vice resident joe biden was among those paying tribute to ariel sharon -- u.s. vice president joe biden was among those paying tribute to ariel sharon this monday. >> israel bid farewell to their former leader monday. friends, family, and dignitaries from i am the world gathered in jerusalem for a state funeral service -- from around the world gathered in jerusalem for a state funeral service. highlightedanyahu the service of a veteran of most of israel's wars. >> ariel sharon was one of the greatest military commanders that the jewish people and the israeli designs -- defense forces have ever heard. he is part of the generation of founding fathers. ariel sharon had a central role in building this heritage of might and bravery. president joe biden represented the united states. he described sharon's and israel's journeys as inseparable. >> we will never know what the ultimate arc of his life would have been. he left us too soon. but the work of trying to reach piece continues. >> middle east peace envoy -- a
including vice president joe biden paid their final respects today to former israeli prime minister airial sharon. he was honored earlier today in jerusalem with a state ceremony. >>> lawyers for alex rodriguez are heading to court to overturn his season-long suspension. >>> biojen cyst tony bosch has refuted his innocence. the pilots of a southwest airlines plane that landed at the wrong missouri airport have been grounded. their plane took off a little while ago bound for tulsa. the original plane was supposed to touchdown in branson but landed at a runway half a length necessary. inside story is next on al jazeera america. >> the plain language of the constitution seems pretty clear. it's the wrestling match between the president and a divided senate is a little muddy. the supreme court is the referee on this "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez. you can find it right there in the institution, which is the handbook for running the country, article 2, section 2, the president shall have power to fill vacancy that is accept during the breaking of the senate. what did those framers mea
ariel sharon outside the israeli parliament today. the vice president joe biden representing the united states. sharon died saturday after eight years in a coma that resulted from a stroke. he was buried later in the day in his family ranch. >>> some spirits are changing hands. the japanese beverage company is buying beam in a $16 billion deal that includes jim beam and maker's mark. the combined companies will be the third largest prem yum spirit maker in the world. >>> she wasn't a runner until now. in fact, celest says she hated running but nine month, after she lost both legs in the boston marathon bombing, she's running and more. she says she refused to give up, because she wants the best life she can possibly have. good for her. >>> just ahead, president obama and lawmaker, at odds as a critical milestone over the nuclear deal with iran approaches. >>> plus, iraq, the civil war, even greater civil war, right now, imminent. we'll go to baghdad. >>> plus, an alleged affair, the first lady in the hospital. details of developments in a real-life soap opera that's still unfolding. [ ch
weekend, and vice president joe biden represented the united states. let's see what biden had to say. >> the defining attributes of this great man's character, passion for the jewish people. physical as well as political courage. and love of this land. they have all played out on the canvas, the state of israel's historic trajectory. >> i think that was quite a good job on biden's part. he didn't make any mistakes in that, and ariel sharon was a military leader and a political leader and very tough and very good. >> all right, thank you for that. eric, you're next. >> one more thing, supposed to be things we didn't get to in the show that we individually have an opinion about. the christie, what's going on with christie -- >> that's not the only thing. >> i know, but one of the things. i'm going to writethening and put it up on chris christie is going to deliver the state of the state address tomorrow, so i'm going to preview that a little bit. for my one more thing, i was watching shep earlier, and he said this. >> liquor before wine, you're doing fine. >> is that right
president, joe biden, spoke on behalf of israel's closest ally, honoring him as an exceptional person. >> like all historic leaders, like all real leaders, he had a northstar that guided him. his northstar was the survival of the state of israel and the jewish people. >> his career as a political leader rested on the achievements of his career as a soldier. brought to a military memorial site, where he was wounded in the 1948 war of independence. in a brief ceremony the defense forces saluted him for the last time. he was then taken for burial at his farm in the desert. eight generals carry him to his final resting place as a cantor intoned it traditional fare for the dead. it is israel's fine meal -- final farewell to him. >> the u.s. and russia are calling for a cease-fire in parts of syria. >> a wider cease-fire is seen as unrealistic as the complex become more complex than ever, with infighting on the rebels side of big start of the story -- part of the story. >> for civilians, any progress cannot come soon enough. >> at this refugee camp on the turkish border, there are tents as
in afghanistan, gates reserved particularly harsh words for vice president joe biden declaring him wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. i am pleased to have mark halperin back at this table, welcome. >> thank you, charlie. >> rose: first governor christie. what a performance. now, does it do him well or does it set him up for bad news? >> well, this story has a long way to go, governor christie is a huge personality and part of the fascination of the story is he was on the cover of time magazine twice last year, he is seen as the front runner or a front runner for the republican nomination and in the media market here in new york so he gets a lot of attention as an outsized personality, a lot of people in the media and politics know. >> rose: and he has an outsized personality. >> he does. that performance was, i think, you know, i think people who said this, i am not the only one who said this, he was better off after that press conference than before. abject denial that he knew anything about this, fired two people, which su
long term impacts resulting from this spill. foreign dignitaries, including vice president joe biden paid
in jerusalem. we heard remarks from vice president joe biden on mr. sharon's personality and work for his country. close with aork country like israel, a country that is tested as much as israel, loses a man like prime minister sharon, it does not leader.e the loss of a it feels like a death in the family. many of my fellow americans, some of whom are here, feel that same sense of loss. i say to prime minister sharon's , anded and devoted son's the entire family, particularly the sons who spent so much time caring after their father the last few years. it is a great honor to bring the sympathies of the president and the american people to you on this occasion. netanyahu, toter president peres, the grieving men and women of the nation of israel, but most particular to an fellow warriors -- i fear attempt to capture him and what he stood for is beyond my capabilities. i knew him for over 30 years. man.s not only a powerful he was a powerfully built man -- as a young senators, young senator, when you first met him, you could not help but understand as they say in the military -- this man had
us vice president joe biden former uk prime minister ten you that and the foreign ministers from germany and austria. sharon will be laid to rest next to his wife lily . the i knew the routine. she and more i love. it would. stg the door to mention allowed to go should watch this. we see the damage. knowledge of it i the news. one day and one i've ordered two invites the vice president of the united states of america we all know who mrs joe biden. a trial. the israelis to leave their homes in gaza in order from his perspective. to strengthen israel. i can take a much more controversial. as a student. of the jewish day. i can think of a much more difficult and controversial decision in may. he believed it. danny did to secure a stable was always arch hardaway remission breakable commitment to the future of . whether thirty years. for three hundred years from now but there were times. when he acted. those actions heard him. controversy given condemnation. that is certain is this sense. american layers. american presidents prof rao different than them the rare shy about stating them
at a state memorial ceremony in jerusalem. among the speakers there, vice president joe biden. he describes him as a complex man. in his eulogy, biden also confirmed the united states' unflagging support of israel. >>> today marks the second anniversary of the costa concordia ship wreck and the cruise ship still sits stranded off the coast of italy. 32 people died when it capsized. it was set up right in september of last year but officials have not been able to remove the wreckage to this point. >> can you imagine those people have been look at that for such a long time. >>> coming up next, the surprise you do not want to miss. >>> almost a year after serving in the middle east, a louisiana soldier gave his 5-year-old son a belated christmas gift that was well worth the wait. >> the boy went to the mall yesterday thinking he was going to get something to eat. the folks at chick-fil-a helped with the surprise. as you can see, he is home. >> that will make you cry. >> that was a good one. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> take care. [chris]still smoking up
dignitaries including vice president joe biden paid their final respects to ariel sharon. the controversial leader passed away at age 85. he was honored in jerusalem during a state symphony. >>> allowing you to buy twitter followers or facebook friends, for a few dollars. it sounds odd but according to social network being, it may make sense. stacy tisdale has the story. >> like many middle class entrepreneurs starting a business was a financial challenge to say the least. >> you have to boot strap and you spend absolutely no money. you ration your ramen noodles this is how you live. >> with few resources to attract new customers, heddy turned to a company called fiveer. one of dozens of websites that sell bot, computer generated fake users. a thousand twitter bots cost $18 on average. the practice is gaining in popularity, helps businesses and people create the illusion that their opinions are valuable. >> those fake followers might help you attract real followers and real customers. >> by some estimates the market for fake social are media followers has skyrocketed 52 a more than $300 mil
as a dreamer but he did dream of peace. and an end to war. >> u.s. vice president joe biden said, sharon had always been vigilant in protecting the jewish people but was open to compromise with israel's neighbors. >> we'll never know what the ultimate arc of ariel sharon's life would have been had he physically been able to pursue his stated goal. but we do know this: as prime minister he surprised many. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu an ally who turned adversary over sharon's decision to pull out of the gaza strip took the position to being restate his are country's knowledge position. >> act in every way possible to prevent iran from become capable of acquiring newark weapons. >> the eulogies also are included recognition of his human side, by his comrades in arms, rescued him from near certain death in the battle field. an army care van carried him to his place of burial. eight generals then bore sharon's body to the grave site he now shares with his wife on the quietings family farm that one of his most relentless warriors chose for his final resting place. tom ackerman, al jazeer
as a towering military and political figure. the vice president, joe biden, led the u.s. delegation. he praised sharon for his tenacity and described him as a complex man. sharon died saturday after spending eight years in a coma. the israeli president perez says sharon contributed, in his words, an unforgettable chapter to the history of the jewish state. >>> the effort to prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon faces a critical test, starting a week from today. iran says it will begin scaling back its nuclear program january 20th. that date marks the official start of a six-month interim deal. iranian officials agreed to curb the country's nuclear program in exchange for relief from some worldwide sanctions. but a push to add even more sanctions, the administration believes, could derail the entire agreement. our chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto, is here watching what's going on. first of all, what happens a week from today? >> well, those iaea inspectors go into iran and verify that iran is taking steps it promised to do. one of the steps is to stop enriching uranium to
minister earlier today. vice president joe biden was among the dignitaries in jerusalem. in a eulogy, he said it felt like a passing in the family. he was 85 years old. health officials are announcing a gradual lifting of a ban rejecting people from using their tap water. this thanks to a debacle chemical dangerous chemical ban. it will be lifted in a strict and methodical manner. a commercial airplane lands at the wrong airport. the southwest airlines flight was supposed to land at missouri branson airport. instead it's touched down at an airport 7 miles away with a runway half the size. the boeing 737 had 124 passengers on board. those are your headlines, now back to dennis and glory. dennis: thank you the dow, s&p and nasdaq hitting session lows. the doubt now down in trouble digits off of 104. i guess the traders are worried even more. lori: friday's job report hangover today, perhaps. this stock alert for you as well. watching intercepts pharmaccutical. today a different story, the stock tumbling after posting gains of 500% last week. get in and get out and run. releasing more infor
president joe biden and former british prime minister tony blair were among those at the state memorial. sharon was a towering military and political leader who died saturday after eight years in a coma. to many israelis, sharon was seen as a hero. to many palestinians, he is seen as a villain, pointing to his role in the massacre of hundreds of palestinians in lebanon in 198 2. >>> it might be one step forward, two steps back, in the push to get iran's nuclear deal under way. on the one hand, tehran is set to start eliminating some of its uranium stockpile one week from today. but right now, washington lawmakers, they're preparing to slap iran with new sanctions. that is a potential deal-breaker. want to bring in our own jim sciutto to talk about it, national correspondent from washington. and jim, this looks like this is not going to be a fight that is really winnable here. it looks like it's going to get quite ugly. the president on one side threatening to veto any sanctions against iran. but you have some lawmakers were both sides who pretty adamant these sanctions need to be in pla
say to that, other than a few isolated personal claims, like the characterization of joe biden being frequently incorrect in foreign policy -- >> he went farther than that, that he was on wrong side of every foreign major policy -- >> i view that as extreme -- a lot of these comment ators are not and that's part of the problem, there are a few isolated claims like that where there will be damage to candidacies in years to come. for joe biden, a lot of his reputation is staked on foreign policy bona fides and for someone like gates to attack that is indeed damaging. what he's saying about people will not have an adverse effect. >> long time chair of the senate foreign relations committee before his -- the white house announcing that january 20th is going to be the day when that country starts to scale back its nuclear stockpile. there's still the bipartisan effort afoot in the senate to try to impose new sanctions. do you count this as a victory for diplomacy in lieu of military action? >> we've already seen certain members of congress leap to characterize this as a failure and set ba
the military, foreign dignitaries including u.s. vice president joe biden, all glassed over the controversiacontroversyies thatd in his military career. a lot of people talked about his role in the 50's in an unit called 101, then they skipped over 1982 in which he led an invasion in which thousand was palestinians were killed and hundreds of israeli soldiers died. instead they focused on his leadership qualities, his ability to make tough decisions and biden especially focused on sharon's ability and really capacity to focus on the security of the state of israel. >> like all historic leaders all real leaders he had a north star that guided him. a north star from which he never in my observation never t.v. educated. his snort star was a survival of the state of israel and the jewish people. >> that was the memorial service outside of the knesset, and here right behind me that is where sharon was buried this afternoon on his farm. he loved this farm, stephanie, and the israeli state asked for him to be buried in jerusalem where former prime ministers are buried. they said no
back in 2006. now, leading the u.s. delegation was vice president joe biden who called sharon a friend, a former prime minister who died at age 85, was honored today, described as a great leader, a fighter for israel but he leaves a very complex history here in israel. there's no getting around that. leading the unilateral disengagement in 2005. for many that was an act of greatness. others saw it as an irresponsible move that threatens the security of israel even today. like i said, that was a controversial move then. it is a controversial move today. now, he is both loved and hates here and even his critics and supporters have very different reasons for liking the man but they all agree on one thing. he was a leader. he was somebody willing to make very tough decisions when tough decisions were needed. they pay tribute today to him. many criticized him and say they didn't agree with a lot of his policies but they still honored the man because of his service and sacrifice to israel throughout his many years of service here. jenna: conner, thank you. jon: now cleanup efforts underway a
spent eight years in a coma after a stroke. vice president joe biden led the u.s. delegation in his first trip to israel since march 2010. biden set to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu during the visit. >>> alex rodriguez's attorneys are expected to fight his 162-game suspension today and file an appeal in federal court. a-rod's accuser and key witness, anthony bosch, speaking out on "60 minutes" sunday, saying he personally injected the third baseman with steroids and said a-rod was obsessed with one thing. >> he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case, sports performance objective. the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> the 800 home run club. >> which was only going to have one member. alex rodriguez. >> a-rod's lawyers released a statement rejecting tony bosch's claims saying alex will continue to fight. >>> now to last night's golden globes awards. co-host tina fey and amy poehler dazzling the room again with their quick wit and zingers. "american hustle" snagging two awards, jennifer lawrence won acting awards and the film itself won
joe biden said sharon had always been vigilant in protecting the jewish people but was open to compromise for israel's neighbors. >> we'll never know what the element arc of sharon's life had been had he physically be able to pursue his stated goal, but we do know this as prime minister he surprised men. >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu and ally who turned adversary took a moment to restate its agenda. >> we'll act in every way possible to prevent iran of acquiring nuclear weapons. >> reporter: recollection of sharon's human side by comrades in arms. one of them described how the then commando officer rescued him from the certain near death in the battlefield. carrying sharon to his burial place but first stopped where sharon had been severely wounded 65 years ago. eight generals took his body to the gravesite that he now shares with his wife on the family farm that one of the relentless warriors chose for his final resting place. >> five of our colleagues here at al jazeera are still being detained by authorities in egy egypt. producers mohamed fah in, y and b
the memorial service in jerusalem. vice president joe biden led the delegation. >>> federal rail officials will install cameras on passenger trains nationwide in an effort to improve passenger safety. under the plan, one set of cameras would keep an eye on the crew, another set would face the tracks. installation could begin this year. four people were killed and 67 injured when the commuter train derailed in new york last month. officials say the train's engineer dozed off shortly before that accident. >>> and a daredevil's dangerous move getting lots of attention online. bmx rider matt olson pulled off a stunt at the 7th street bridge in ft. worth, texas. riding up and down the arches from beginning to end. olson says he only had one shot, certainly did and he nailed it. the pro stunt rider has entertained crowds at nba games and state fairs. he has, over the course of his career, suffered 13 concussions, three knee surgeries, ruptured a spleen and as you can see there by that grin, plenty of teeth knocked out seven times. that's a mug for sure. >> funny till he lands on your car on the
's commitment to his own afghanistan strategy. he was tough on vice president joe biden's foreign policy experience and slammed the majority of congress as incompetent. with those excerpts gates, who served as defense secretary under presidents bush and obama, and was awarded the presidential medal of freedom, set off a firestorm. gates told braver he wasn't that critical of the president in the 600-page book. >> i make very explicit in the book that i agreed with all of the president's decisions on afghanistan, the ones that he made in 2009 and subsequently. my one concern, as i describe in the book the president began to have his own reservations about whether it would all work. and i think that's not an unfair thing to say. >> reporter: now gates obviously commands enormous respect. and the one thing that people say is his concern for the troops. you get the sense that he felt this obligation to write this book, and really fully share his perspective, because of the men and women in uniform. and for those who are going to fight for the u.s. and sacrifice in the futu
in jerusalem. now, vice president joe biden there is representing the united states. he spoke at the memorial ceremony saying he had known ariel sharon for 30 years. >> when a close-knit country like israel, a country that's been tested as much as israel loses a man like prim that dam dam prime minister sharon -- like prime minister sharon, it doesn't feel just like the loss of a leader. it feels like a death in the gael. >> sharon died saturday at the age of 85 after being in a coma for eight years. >>> today in vatican city, pope francis delivered his first state of the world address. he mostly talked about the middle east, calling for an end to the conflict in syria and for the first time publicly he sternly spoke out against abortion. the romeable catholic church has criticized the church in recent months for not forcefully addressing the issue in some of his past interviews. >>> today, survivors of the costa concordia are marcking the second -- marking the second anniversary of the deadly grounding. the crew capsized after hitting a reef killing 32 people on board. the ship's captain is
led by vice president joe biden paid tribute today to ariel sharon. sharon died saturday at the age of 85 after spending eight years in a coma after a stroke. the military man and politician known as the bull dozer was also controversial for his role in the war in lebanon and land disputes with palestinians. >>> former nba star dennis rodman on his way back to the u.s. after his latest high profile visit to north korea. on his way through the beijing airport, he apologized for not being able to help free kenneth bae, the american being held in north korea. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry i couldn't do anything. i'm sorry. if you could put it on my face, put it, blame me, it's not my fault, i'm sorry. i'm trying to do some good stuff. >> during a rant when he later said he was drunk, rodman suggested bae was to blame for his imprisonment and has been criticized for not using his influence with kim jong-un to help free bae. >>> today attorneys for alex rodriguez are filing an appeal in court fighting his 162-game suspensi suspension. a-rod says he plans to attend spring training with the yank
and said joe biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue over the last four decades . for more, we speak with senior fellow for american progress, we're also joined bay contributor to al jazeera english, who served as secretary of defense for middle east policy and worked closely with secretary gates at the pentagon. and joining us is editor of "defense one." kevin has covered and traveled with defense secretary gates and they all join us from washington, d.c. it's a pleasure to have you all with us. one excerpt from the book focuses on a meeting where gates questions obama's leadership and questions the military in particular. he writes: the reference to the commander is the u.s. commander of american forces in afghanistan david petraeus. general, let's start with you. should a former official criticize a sitting president? critics have said he really shouldn't, and certainly those comments about karzai will damage further a relationship that is already problematic? >> well, first of all, i don't think that we should be very surprised that this book came out three years after step
. >> reporter: it doesn't get better for vice president, joe biden, who planted seeds of doubts about military commander's. >> where i have particular problems with the vice president is his encouragement of suspicion of the military and senior military. some say he put out his book too soon while president obama still has three years in office and u.s. troops remain in afghanistan. some of gates fellow republicans argue he should have waited to issue his scathing critique. >> if i was giving him advice, i would have waited. >> my preference is that people would refrain from writing these things until the president was out of office. >> he doesn't plan on staying quiet even if it meeps 2016, whether hillary clinton would make a good president. >> as for biden, could be even-handed, i would have to say, i suppose he would. >> reporter: as for the prospect of returning to government service, robert gates says, thanks, but no thanks. he is not planning to do that. that is why he decided to be so candid in this book. he is candid. >> one of the most interesting things, i think, that he said, was t
choice words for joe biden, the vice president as well. jack keane, thank you for your time, sir. great to get your reaction. the general out of washington. tomorrow night robert gates is on with sean on "hannity", 10:00 eastern time. more then. martha. martha: thunderstorms packing wind that led to this. >> you see the windows -- whoa, no, look at that! martha: no match for mother nature. we'll tell you where that happened. bill: also here's a bombshell yet. alex rodriguez taking a last swing trying to fight the year-long suspension as the man who dropped the dime on him goes public. >> he asked me to inject. >> you injected him? >> yes. >> personally? >> personally. gs accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. because an empty pan is a blank canvas. [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. [ woman #3 ] to travel the world without leaving home. [ male annou
years in a coma following a massive struck, hundreds of people are in attendance, vice- president joe biden led a delegation and spoke there earlier. >> iran has until then to limit its nuclear powers, they have agreed to limit its program and open its program to experts starting january 20th. the obama administration is cautiously optimistic. >> the negotiations will be very difficult but they are the best chance we have to be able to resolve these negotiations peacefully and enduring. >> if iran does that they will have relief from sanctions. >>> coming up highlights from yesterday's win against the panthers. >> and i am dennis and you might have missed the golf tournament in hawaii, check out that great shot and we have more for you straight ahead. >> and what is cool about your school? e-mail us at cool schools at and we will come out and show your school. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, play o' the day from colora. the broncos' peyton manning heaved a p >>> good morning, everybody, the final four teams left standingin the nfl also happen to make up football's two best rivalries
- president joe biden and former british prime minister tony blair are in israel for today's ceremony. >>mark: dennis rodman concludes as late as controversial trip to north korea. rodman arrived in beijing this morning where he was mobbed by the media. and named an emotional state rodman says he did nothing wrong to treat and apologize for not helping korean american kenneth vabae who has been detained in north korea for more than a year. also last week rodman says he was sorry for suggesting that bae was responsible for his own detainment saying he had been drinking before the interview. rabin and other retired players were in north korea to play a game to celebrate the birthday of leader kim jong un. a beautiful sunrise from mount tam cam 3 that the sun about to come up just over the east bay hills. z female announcer: he needs a firmer he needs a firmer tempur-pedic... she wants a softer tempur-pedic... they both get what they need with the new tempur-choice, at sleep train the first tempur-pedic with multi-zone comfort control, featuring customizable shoulder, back, and leg support on ea
at the age of 85. he was in a coma for eight years following a stroke. vice president joe biden was there representing the united states. in his eulogy vice president biden said he known sharon for 30 years. called him a complex man who lived in complex times in a very complex neighborhood. >>> foster farms has shut down the processing plant again. the u.s. department of agricultural gave up -- but foster farms closed it down yesterday. saying its continuing to work on safety procedures. the company says the voluntary shutdowns expected to last several days. >>> will is a recall at tyson foods. some of its chicken may be contaminated by salmonella. tyson products have been linked to salmonella outbreaks at the tennessee correction gnat facility that made at least seven people sick. >>> the faa looking into why a southwest airlines jet landed at the wrong airport. the runway there is about half as long as the one at branson. passengers say the pilot seemed to stop that plane quickly. passengers heard the pilot on the public address system explain where they were. >> the plane has
the attention was on, what he said about hillary clinton in meetings and what he thinks about joe biden. this is the new media environment. the book is not being consumed as a thoughtful way, the way he wanted it to, but instead, you said joe biden said this, and so -- >> well, he walked back the obama criticism. he walked back the hillary criticism. he did not walk back the biden criticism. >> he clearly has a problem with the vice president. >> this is -- this is -- he is standing by -- he cannot say that that quote was taken out of context. there's no part of that quote -- >> he was very clear. >> it was very interesting. all right. thank you, all. very quickly, let me go around the table. chris christie. how big of a blow is this? >> it's a serious blow. a, we don't know what more will come out, and we know more will come out. and, b, does it play into this larger question of this personality of his and his governing style and his -- >> how much of a distraction do you think he'll be ahead of the rga when he goes down and campaigns for other people? >> to some degree, it undercuts.
military commanders foreign dignitaries including us vice president joe biden attended the state ceremony. ariel sharon died at the age of eighty five on saturday after eight years in a coma caused by a stroke. i did after he steps to shore on his body was placed in the pas out in front of the knesset. hundreds of these release lined out to pay their last respects. on sunday evening strong body was carried into parliament and the chili slaw funerals must be carried out as sane as possible. a funeral service will be held at strong range in southern israel following the statement mario. what now for around the state memorial held at the knesset illegal by two of his findings into islam than actually carney an oscillating chilling out by chris pine and stephanie flee if she is standing by at sycamore ranch thank you ladies for joining us. one actually let's begin with the lee is a president and prime minister has spoken at the service have had a name on their teacher ron. lees was a very heartfelt speeches and even though there might have been disagreements amongst the most at what the presi
and joe biden is leading the u.s. delegation. >>> a deadline is approaching for an agreement between iran and major powers. iran has agreed to limit uranium enrichment and open them to inspections then. the administration is cautiously optimistic. >> the negotiations are very difficult but they are the best chance we have to be able to resolve this critical national security issue peacefully and like that. >> if iran does that they will get relief from sanctions. >> the president made some nominations and aappointments over that and they sued him because of that, the land mark case is expected to settle how he can do that. >>> well the wall street is open after closing mixed on friday. >> wendy gillette joins us from there with information about another hacking problem from a major store chain. wenty. >> yeah, good morning frank and michelle, neiman marcus is the latest store to be hit by hackers. they say they stole information from them then. a spokesperson would not confirm it but does say they made unauthorized charges. >>> target is apologizing for its data breach. they purchased a f
a stroke. the vice president joe biden is there representing the united states. these are live pictures we are looking at right now. during his eulogy vice president biden said he knew sharon for 30 years and called him a complex man who lived in complex times and in a very complex neighborhood. again, these are live pictures. there is former british leader tony blair right there laying that wreath for ariel sharon. we will keep you posted. >>> foster farms has shut down its chicken processing plant in central california. the agricultural development gave foster farm's permission to open the plant. but yesterday foster farms closed it again saying it is improving safety procedures. foster farms say this voluntary shut down may continue for several days. now tyson foods also recalling 17 tons of chicken products. some of the chicken may be contaminated by salmonella. the meat was discovered to institutions around the country. tyson products have been linked to a salmonella outbreak. >>> the faa wants to know why a southwest airlines jet landed at the wrong airport. it landed at a much small
house has sent vice president joe biden to jerusalem for the funeral of the late israeli leader arial sharon. and the president's team is closely watching the supreme court to watch the argument over recess appointments and whether they are constitutional. want to get your thoughts on whether the president can make recess appointments, under what conditions are the , if the court gears up to hear arguments today. here are the numbers to call. host: if not by phone you can @cspanwj, on twitter, facebook, and e-mail. " covershow "the hill the story. "nothing less than the boundaries of executive power are at stake monday as the supreme court considers whether president obama violated the constitution during his first term. oral arguments slated for monday will center on a trio of recess appointments to the national labor relations board. if they uphold the decision, experts say that the justices could endanger hundreds of nlrb decisions. even more significant other ramifications for feature presidents, the court poised to bolster or blended the chief executives appointment powers. 'ruli
. in a memorial service. he died over the weekend after being if a coma for eight years. vice president joe biden heading the u.s. delegation to the memorial service. sharon will be buried later today at his ranch in southern israel. >>> the first lady of france expected to be released from the hospital later today after being treated for depression. she checked herself in on friday the day that a magazine reported that the president of france was having an affair with a movie star. the couple never married but they've been living together for nine years. >>> a big night for the hottest players in hollywood. the golden globes handed out to the best on the big and small screen. >> leading the pack, "american hustle." it picked up three awards. brandi hitt with more on the night's big wins. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. "12 years a slave" took home the big award of the night, best motion picture drama. but it was "american hustle" that won the most awards, thanks to its leading ladies. hollywood's golden night kicked off with a big win for jennifer lawrence as best supporting actress i
held today for former israel's leader ariel sharon. vice president joe biden is leading the delegation. sharon died saturday. he suffered a strike eight years ago and has been in a coma since. he served as prime minister and defense minister and was one of israel's most famous and controversial generals. ariel sharon was 85 years old. >>> a new jersey lawmaker investigating the george washington bridge traffic jam scandal says a crime was committed. democrat john wisniewski shows e-mail exchanges close to the governor used public resources for political retribution. >> i don't think it's possible for all of those people to be involved and know and for the governor to absolutely have no communication. remember, this was in the midst of his re-election campaign. any governor running for re-election is going to want to know about problems that come up if for no other reason to know how to respond when asked a question. >> four people close to governor chris christie have been fired or resigned. christie said he had no knowledge of the plan. >>> well, coming up on the "morning news," forme
president joe biden and former british prime minister tony blair are in israel for today's ceremony. >> some tense moments in puerto rico's northern coast overnight. a 6 point 4 magnitude earthquake hit just after midnight. it was about 17 miles deep in the ocean. residents in san juan say buildings swayed and that there was some minor damage done. no injuries have been reported. >> a non-function fire safety system could be the reason why the popular tibetan tourist town shangri la was destroyed saturday fire officials say the system costing more than $1 million had been turned off to prevent pipes from bursting during below the town's wooden houses burned quickly because fire trucks were unable to get to the scene through the narrow streets and alleys ways. also investigators are looking into whether the cold lowered water pressure in hydrants. a line >> dennis rodman is apologizing for not helping an american missionary detained in north korea. rodman say he is sorry for not helping kenneth bae who has been in north korea for more than a year. the form basketball star and other retired pl
by current israeli prime minister netanyahu, a one time foe of sharon and joe biden on hand calling sharon a complex man who put his country first. >> ariel sharon was not only loved by the jewish people and he not only loved them as the jewish people but he loved the land of israel. >> reporter: sharon's body will then begin a procession from jerusalem to his ranch in southern israel and casket accompanied by 8 defense force general and at 7:00 eastern time, under an hour from now sharon will be buried in a military military setting and mourners have gathered for his funeral and nick, good morning. >> good morning stephanie. you can see behind me where sharon will be buried as you said in just about an hour. from that memorial service you heard so much emotion and so many people thanking this man who more than ever defined the israeli state and defined its borders. you heard from joe biden talking about how sharon loved the land and from the president saying that sharon cultivated the land and defended it with a sword and gets to the defense of who this man was. it's a very interesting s
minister from spain will visit president obama. a memorial service will begin for ariel sharon. joe biden will be there. >> tony blair, i thought. what else do have? >> kind of quiet on the earnings front. >> it will get busier as the week goes on. davos is one week away. i will be in z√úrich. let's do a data check. we're looking at stocks and bonds and commodities. the yield is 2.85%. crude goes nowhere. where did the vix close on friday? nicely under 13. that is interesting. it speaks volumes about a sluggish jobs report. we will talk about that today. 6.04.inese yuan, that is a shop for anybody on the asia watch. we're blowing through to east stronger yuan.a good morning to all of you watching in canada as well. it is a twisted weekend. she sort of dressed like tina fey this morning. scarlet fu with the front page. >> we're working on that. page story, the iran nuclear deal will take effect starting next monday. they will stop producing weapons grade nuclear fuel. theeturn, remember that u.s. will temporarily suspend the economic sanctions. relief will be worth about $7 billion. >> it
. world leaders, including joe biden, will attend the service. >> reporter: it's been an extraordinary few days here in israel with the passing of ariel sharon, one of the most controversial military and political leaders this country has ever seen. earlier today and the past 24 hours there's been an official memorial service where world leaders gathered to pay their respect, including u.s. vice president joe biden. the coffin carrying ariel sharon is now making its way to the south of the country in southern israel on to his own farm, his ranch here where within the next hour or so we expect he will be buried on top of this mound behind me, next to the grave of his second wife, lilly, who died in 2000. it will be a full military burial. his coffin, we're told will be carried by senior figures, generals of the israeli military. his sons will be there, and will be attended by joe biden and tony blair, the britain prime minister as well. after eight years of being in a coma, the people will finally bid farewell to their leader. >> thank you, matthew chance. we'll be following those events. >
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